Advantages of Social Networks

Advantages of Social Networks

Have you ever created a social profile? Are you more of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or are you more of uploading videos to YouTube?

Social networks have come to our lives to stay. For many, it is a necessity, a new way of socializing, being present, and being aware of what is happening in the world. But social networks are controversial, some defend them, and others attack and criticize them. That is why we have prepared this post to explain what Social Media consists of, this new form of communication, and to know the advantages and disadvantages of being interconnected through social networks.

What are social networks?

When we refer to social networks or social media, we are talking about broad communication structures between individuals or organizations that relate to each other on digital platforms. The most important today are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. These social networks form large communities that share information, images, or videos.

Advantages of social networks on a personal level

Communication and information

It allows you immediate communication with people who can be anywhere in the world. The creation of communities facilitates an exchange of information on common issues and interests.


These platforms offer information and entertainment in real-time, and you can choose who to follow to be informed of what is happening anywhere on the planet.

Job opportunities

Social networks can be the best showcase for ourselves and, therefore, for our job aspirations. Many companies search for their candidates through these platforms and investigate the profiles of their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts to get to know them better.

Social complaints

These social networks also serve to record social, solidarity, help, or denounce situations that have occurred at a given time and affect the community.

Share information and knowledge

It is interesting to share information and data that may be of help to professionals in certain disciplines.

Advantages of Social Networks for the company

Greater brand visibility

With social networks, barriers are over; the world of the Internet is accessible to anyone and anywhere in the world.

Broadcast platform

Through social networks, the content of the company generates significant web traffic, which is, ultimately, the purpose of the brand.

Customer loyalty

Thanks to social networks, users’ follow-up is created and, therefore, a better customer loyalty with offers and content that may interest them.

Incorporate a Blog

A good way to spread the content of that brand is to do it through a personal blog. It helps SEO positioning and engagement with users.

Measure marketing results

All engagement is achieved thanks to the likes and comments left by users on social networks. The company knows what the monitoring of its brand is in real time. If you want to go further, to know the user profile and behavior who comes to our page, a good tool is Google Analytics.

Customer Support

Social networks become the advertising channel of a brand. That is why it is important to be aware of what the community says and respond to their questions or requests. And here the criticisms would also be included, from which nobody is free. We must never ignore them, know how to face them, answer politely, and provide solutions whenever possible.

Disadvantages of social media

From personal data theft, cyber bullying, fake news, or false news circulating on the networks and taken for granted, you have to be careful when using these platforms!

Protect your privacy!

Generally speaking, the biggest disadvantage when talking about social networks is the lack of privacy. That is why it is essential to review the privacy settings so as not to reveal personal data that we do not want when we upload a publication. Be careful, especially with the uploaded photos and in which data such as car license plates, work, or home addresses are shown!

Personal or professional profile?

When it comes to creating a profile on the networks, do not confuse the staff with the professional. Sometimes this error of undifferentiated use is made.

Identity fraud

It usually happens with famous people, but sometimes it can happen in the professional field, and companies can be harmed. In these cases, you have to report.

Cyber bullying and grooming

Children and minors suffer the first and the harassment is transferred to social networks in the form of posts with insults and threats. Grooming consists of adults posing as young people to contact minors on the networks.

Social networks addiction

A clear drawback of the use of the networks can come when they become an addiction and create dependency, especially among young people.

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