What is Local SEO and Why is it Important?

What is Local SEO and Why is it Important?

The way of doing SEO is evolving, and the way people search the internet is changing. Users no longer only use the computer to search the main search engines, but more and more, they are the ones who solve their doubts through other devices, whether they are mobile phones or tablets. Searches are carried out within the user’s local scope, so it is important to start optimizing our website with local SEO.

Local SEO positioning

Search results are starting to be based on the user’s own current location.  Local SEO takes on great relevance, above all, to small businesses. Google wants to give us more effective results, and therefore, on many occasions, it offers us results by proximity to the place where we are located.

Through mobile device search, 4 out of 5 users perform local searches, such as where the closest hardware store, hairdresser is. That is why we must give local SEO optimization the importance it deserves, especially if we want to come out in the top positions of search results.

How do we optimize local SEO?

When we carry out an SEO optimization, the first thing we must do is a Keyword Research, establishing the keywords that best suit us in our business. With local SEO, we must take into account keywords that include the geographical location of our business. 

Local SEO optimization is a complement to our organic positioning strategy.

Insertion of the NAP on your website

The acronym NAP stands for name, address and phone. These data must be exactly the same on all the pages of our website where they are included. This NAP has to be the same if you register in a local directory. In this way, Google will consider your business and appear correctly in the results.

Creation of Google My Business

For the optimization of local SEO, it is essential to create a profile within Google My Business, a tool that includes our company’s information in Google search results, in Google Maps, and Google +. So it’s easier for users to find us by any device.

Google My Business allows us to upload a cover photo. It is very important to make the correct choice of photography; it must be attractive to the user. Through this tool, you can see all the reviews of our business.

What if our business has multiple locations?

In this case, you must register a profile for each of the locations, and from there, in the searches, the different pins of our business will appear on the map.

Registration in local directories

We must not only register in Google My Business but also in local directories. Remember that we must include the same NAP that we have been using on our website. Google Maps will feed on the data from these pages that provide data. The appointments of this type of webs will give a vote of confidence towards our business.

Promote business opinions

The opinions of other users are always relevant when it comes to giving reliability to your business. To be in the first positions of Google Maps, it is necessary to have reviews and comments. Local SEO reviews work like Link Building in general SEO. 

To encourage opinions, you can establish offers, the creation of events, etc. You have to promote the comments.

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